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 Well Into Your Future: Series  
The high rate of mental illness among older adults has given rise to the belief that mental illness is to be expected in elderly populations. Mental illness, however, does not accompany normal aging and has significant personal, social, and economic costs.

Well Into Your Future is a series of three hour-long programs funded by the National Institute of Mental Health that addresses the challenges we experience in aging as well as common mental health issues that those over 65 encounter. The series shares the secrets of people who have maintained vitality and acuity in their later years and the coping skills of those who have survived mental and emotional difficulties and mental illnesses. These programs aired nationwide on public television and garnered three "Freddie" awards.

The series includes three videos: one on Aging Well, one on Alzheimers and Dementia and one on Depression and Substance Abuse.

Maintaining Mental Health tells the stories of men and women who have navigated through momentous life changes, this program offers principles key to staying mentally healthy as we age, and frames mental wellness as a gateway to successful aging. Includes interview with Dr. Robert Kahn, Ph.D, co-author of the bestselling book "Successful Aging" and co-director of the landmark MacArthur foundation study on aging in America.

Depression, Not a Normal Part of Aging examines stories of older adults diagnosed later in life and successfully treated for depression. The program dispels the myth that there is something inherently depressing about aging, and explores the complex relationship between depression, alcohol, and substance abuse. The program offers family members clear signs to help them understand when a family elder may be in need of help.

Alzheimer's and Dementia addresses the staggering demands of Alzheimer's Disease and dementia on family caregivers, and their potential impact on caregivers' mental health. The program presents examples of caregivers who have found ways to cope effectively with the stresses and demands of caregiving and how to restore equilibrium to their lives.

"The Well Into Your Future video series is an excellent introduction to many of the most frequent issues faced by older patients and their families in the face of emotional suffering and/or memory loss. Lectures and books can convey facts. This video series provides a window into the lives of the people directly affected by these problems."
-Professor Dan Blazer, Dean of Medical Education, J.P. Gibbons Professor of Psychiatry,
Duke University School of Medicine
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