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The Heart of Home Care: National Campaign

Home care has become a reality in approximately 25 million American households. Though home health care is the preferred choice for many families, home caregivers face significant physical, emotional and financial burdens. They are challenged by a host of issues, such as providing adequate medical care, coping with burnout, legal issues, identifying and locating support resources. Providing home care to a child, an adult or a parent is incredibly stressful and difficult In addition to those responsibilities, most caregivers have the added demands of parenting, employment, and marriage.

The Home Care Family Education Campaign Tools help caregivers learn specific techniques they can use. The materials model care management skills, coping strategies, and how caregiver teams can work together to ensure that families are able to provide care for their loved ones while maintaining their own physical and mental health.

The Heart of Home Care: Description

The Home Care Family Education Program provides an effective means for caregivers and their families to better manage and cope with the issues they encounter as part of their caregiving responsibilities, through a broad range of products and mediums:

“Loving Hands: Home Care for Children”

  • Tells the stories of three families providing care for children with chronic and life threatening illnesses
  • Issues discussed include:
    • Finding time for other siblings
    • Networking with other parents
    • Managing home care nurses and aides
    • Keeping a marriage healthy
    • Dealing with schools and medical care systems

“Going Home: Home Care for Adults”

  • Examines the concerns adults face due to injury or illness.
  • The three families profiled offer positive and resourceful ways to cope with the issues the caregivers face:
    • Managing home care nurses and aides
    • Engaging friends and the community to ensure care giver relief
    • Caring for a loved one at the end of their life

“By Your Side: Home Care for Older Adults”

  • Addresses the tough realities families face when deciding how to care for an older adult
  • Concerns addressed include:
    • Caregiver burnout
    • Multi-faceted role of the professional caregiver
    • Networking with other families
    • Tapping into community resources
    • End of life decisions

      “These videos offer helpful, educational information and sensitive portrayals of well functioning relationships among caregiving families. It provides good insights into how home care professionals working in concert with patients and their families for an integrated care team.

      ----Suzanne Mintz, President, National Family Caregivers Association

Television Broadcast:
“Caregivers: The Heart of Home Care”

  • Hosted by Dana Reeve
  • One hour special documentary providing a view into the lives of real patients, their families, caregivers, and home care professionals
  • Televised by 216 PBS stations in 2000

Web Module:
The Home Care Organizer Web Module is an Internet communication and organization tool that provides a means for primary caregivers, family members, home care aides, and physicians to manage, organize and communicate care- giving information and responsibilities. This web module enables users to cope more effectively with their stresses and needs as they relate to their overwhelming responsibilities as care givers.

  • Contains resources for families to start and successfully manage home health care
  • Allows recording, tracing and sharing vital information about the patient and their care
  • Enables family, friends and caregivers to access remotely information about the patient’s care
  • Provides care giving resources, information, products and services
  • Simplified e-mail communication to care giving team, reminders and crisis alerts
  • The tool is offered through a licensing agreement and can be branded and customized to meet the needs of our clients.

Home Care Organizer Binder:
The Home Care Organizer binder is an organization tool and information resource that provides a means for primary caregivers and home care aides to manage, organize and communicate care giving information and responsibilities.

Addresses a full range of information needs:

  • Patient information
  • Phone lists of physicians, family members, caregivers, pharmacies etc.
  • Schedules for appointments, medications, and treatments
  • Medications summary with dosages, refill dates, and side effects
  • Messages to various caregivers
  • Emergency information
  • Resources for information and support

The Home Care Organizer can be customized and branded to meet the needs of our clients.

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