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 Educating Peter  

Winner: Academy AwardŽ Documentary Short Subject

This HBO prime-time documentary tells the story of Peter, a third grader with Down syndrome, as he experiences his first year of being included in a typical classroom. Both Peter and his classmates go through a difficult and rewarding process of adjustment as he becomes a regular third grader. In addition to its broadcast schedule, this program is available to education and community groups interested in exploring innovative approaches to integrating children with special needs into public schools. Academy AwardŽ winner for Best Achievement Documentary Short Subject in 1992.

"You think that you're teaching Peter things, but really Peter's teaching you things. We might be teaching him stuff like how to do things, but he's teaching us more how to think and how to react to other problems." - Peter's Classmate

"Graduating Peter" the sequel to "Edcating Peter" is part of a transition planning resource for students with disabilities and their families for life after high school entitled "My Future My Plan." Filmmaker Gerardine Wurzburg and her company State of the Art, Inc. developed "My Future My Plan" to provide youth with disabilities and their families with a comprehensive resource on planning for life after high school.
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