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 Now is Our Time: Series  
Women between forty and fifty-five years of age face major health challenges including cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes. Black women, in particular, have unique health risks and needs related to heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Now is Our Time: Healthy Living for Women 40-55, and Healthy Living for Black Women 40-55, share the personal stories of women from different backgrounds who are turning health risks into health victories. The videos are hosted by Debbie Allen.

Now is Our Time: Healthy Living for Women 40-55

Now is Our Time: Healthy Living for Black Women 40-55

The years from 40-55 can bring many transitions to a woman’s life, including those affecting health. Women this age face increased risks for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis. This program shares the personal stories of four women who are turning health risks into health victories. The program:

  • Increases knowledge about disease risk factors, symptoms and prevention methods specific to women
  • Motivates women to adopt healthy lifestyles and make time to take care of themselves
  • Promotes recommended screenings
  • Provides new guidelines for Hormone Replacement Therapy

Each woman’s story includes expert commentary from health care professionals who are also women.

The pocket-size booklet included contains additional information about risk factors, screenings, where to go for help and what women can do to live longer, more active lives.

"These videos show real life examples of women successfully managing health challenges as well as providing strategies to change unhealthy lifestyles."
- Phyllis Greenberger, Executive Director, Society for Women’s Health Research

"These programs provide culturally sensitive information on a variety of issues and most importantly, they remind us to live life to the fullest."
- Byllye Avery, Founder, National Black Women’s Health Project

"Now is Our Time encourages women to take advantage of this time in their lives, to focus more on who they are and their health so they will be more fulfilled as they age."
- Patricia Davidson, MD, FACP, Cardiologist

Running Time: 36 Minutes
Closed Captioned
Available in English and Spanish

Now is Our Time: Funding

Now is Our Time funding was provided by the National Institute of Nursing Research.

Now is Our Time: Outreach Partners

American Diabetes Association

American Nurses Association

Black Cosmetologists Promoting Health Program

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

George Washington University Center for Women’s Health

Partnership for Women’s Health, Columbia University Hospitals

National Black Women’s Health Project

National Osteoporosis Foundation

Society for Women’s Health Research

Women of a Certain Age


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