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 "Struggling in Silence" wins 2008 International Health & Medical Media Award


State of the Art, Inc. is pleased to announce that “Struggling in Silence”, produced and directed by Ali DeGerome, has received the 2008 International Health & Medical Media Award in the category of Psychiatry.

Now in its 34th year, this pre-eminent health and media competition -- also known as the FREDDIE Awards -- is open to health and medical videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs, CDs or websites that address health or medical issues for consumers or healthcare professionals.

The film premiered in May on KCET-TV, public television for Southern and Central California, and was released in conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Month by American Public Television. To date, the film has aired on over 300 PBS stations nationwide.

"Struggling in Silence" conveys the impact of physician suicide on families, patients and communities through the stories of two physicians lost to suicide. It also shares the accounts of those living with mood disorders: a freshman medical student with depression and anxiety who considered dropping out, a surgeon diagnosed with depression who overcame stigmatizing attitudes and policies within his state and profession, and a prominent neurologist whose bipolar disorder introduced her to new areas of research and patient care.

Through expert interviews, the film offers valuable information about depression, its symptoms, neurobiology and treatment modalities. It also explores the professional policies and cultural stigma that prevent physicians and medical school students from seeking help for these treatable illnesses, which if left untreated, can lead to suicide.

"Struggling in Silence" is part of an ongoing outreach campaign that seeks to educate physicians about depression so that they can better recognize the symptoms in themselves and their patients while also cultivating a better understanding of mood disorders in the community at large. Media coverage of this campaign has been extensive, with more 15 million impressions to date.

In addition to the documentary, an educational video, "Out of the Silence: Medical Student Depression and Suicide", has been designed specifically as an educational tool for use at medical schools. Since many of the mood disorders that can lead to suicide may first become evident during medical school, the goal of this program is to encourage help seeking behavior among medical students. "Out of the Silence" debuted at UC San Diego School of Medicine and is being distributed to medical schools nationwide.

A third film compiles the three personal accounts from the three doctors who struggle personally with mood disorders to create a 15-minute educational video for use in hospitals, residency trainings and at educational conferences and seminars. Both educational DVDs include resource materials.

Additional information can be found at

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